Monday, October 15, 2012

Quotes: Sharon Osbourne


The lovely Sharon Osbourne was visiting Australia last week for some reason or other. For those unaware as to her identity, Ms Osbourne is: 

· the wife of heavy metal muso Ozzy Osbourne; 

· an English television host (one of 5 co-hosts of the Brit daytime show The Talk

· an author; 

· a music manager (apart from managing artists such as The Smashing Pumpkins, she also revived Ozzy’s career) 

· a former host of The X Factor and America’s Got Talent; and 

· part of the TV reality show The Osbournes, one of the originators of TV reality shows. 

Ms Osbourne, a Pom born in Brixton, London, in 1952, was interviewed on stage by Oz’s Angela Bishop (see pic above). In that interview she mentioned some interaction with the Royal family: 

“I’ve felt Camilla’s old titties too. I was pissed! So I said to her, ‘Ohhh, you’ve got really big tits,’ and she went, ‘Have I?’ and I had a feel.” 

'I’ve also told Charles some dirty old jokes. I love Charles. I would love to have sex with him. I would love to see his old willy. Gorgeous.” 

The delightful Ms Osbourne had previously publicly discussed regal appendages, at the end of August this year when she appeared on David Letterman’s The Late Show

Asked by Letterman about Prince Harry, she replied “Ohhhh. He is stunning. He is so stunning. I have actually met him. He is so funny. This is a true story. I was at Buckingham Palace you know and wanted to go to the bathroom, which was a big schlep along all these hallways and staircases. I said to him: ‘Would you watch my bag while I go to the loo?' and he said: 'Fuck off!' “ 

Asked by Letterman whether the reply was made in jest, she replied “In jest. He’s got a really, really good personality and how fabulous to be a prince, to have a big old schlong and throw it all over the place. . . . What a life. You don’t have to work, open things, cut ribbons, put bottles on boats, blesses everyone and then goes throwing his schlong around. 

Class will out every time.


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