Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Hospital Christmas Decorations

In response to the post yesterday on lazy Christmas decorations, Byter Sue P sent me a couple of pics on medical themed decoration . . .

Bedpans and urinals


Thanks Sue.

I have a suspicion as to what the device in the second pic is but I am at a loss to understand the medical application of the Diet Coke on the left of the pic. A sterilising agent?

Sue’s pics reminded me that back in 2013, Kate’s mother, Margaret, was taken to Canberra Hospital after a fall at home. Whilst at the hospital I took a pic of one of the hospital’s decorations, which I have previously posted:

One of the nurses told me that his name was Mal, second name Nutrition.

For last year’s Christmas, Leo M sent me pics of hospital decorations, the title being “Medical Staff are Very Creative”:


Here are some more . . . 

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