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Cats Peek Out from Shirt Pockets in Hiroko Kubota’s Clever Embroideries

March 1, 2022

Artist Hiroko Kubota embroiders furry faces peering over the edge of pockets and sometimes attempting to climb out. It began when she was making shirts for her small son and he requested some cats embroidered thereon. It grew from there into a business.


An amazing life . . .

March 5, 2022

Jacklyn Harold "Jack" Lucas (1928 – 2008)

On August 8, 1942, at the age of 14, Lucas enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve at Norfolk, Virginia giving his age as 17 and forging his mother's name on the parental consent form and bribing a notary. On February 19, Lucas participated in the 5th Division's landing on Iwo Jima.

When he was in Iwo Jima, Japanese soldiers threw two grenades into his trench. He jumped over a Marine and dove for them, jamming one of them into the volcanic ash and soft sand with his rifle and covering it with his body, while reaching out and pulling the other one beneath him. One grenade exploded, tossing Lucas onto his back and severely wounding him in the right arm and wrist, right leg and thigh, and chest. He was still conscious and barely alive after the blast, holding in his left hand the other grenade, which did not explode. His three comrades were unharmed, and the Japanese soldiers in their trench were all killed. The three Marines left, believing Lucas was dead. For the rest of his life, there remained about 200 pieces of metal, some the size of 22 calibre bullets, in his body, which frequently set off airport metal detectors.

For his actions he was awarded the Medal of Honor at the age of 17 years, the youngest ever recipient outside the Civil War.

He joined the United States Army in 1961 and served in the 82nd Airborne Division as a paratrooper to conquer his fear of heights. He survived a training jump in which both of his parachutes malfunctioned. He volunteered to serve in the Vietnam War, but was not allowed to go, and ended his time as a captain in 1965 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, training younger troops who would see action in Vietnam.

After his military service ended, Lucas married, fathered several children and established a profitable chain of butcher shops in Maryland. However, he accrued back taxes with the IRS, depriving him of his disability benefits. In 1977, Lucas was notified by Maryland police that his second wife and son-in-law were plotting to kill him; the two pleaded guilty to conspiracy and were granted probation after Lucas asked the court to show mercy. By the 1980s, Lucas was living off his life savings. In 1985, his mobile home burned down, forcing him to camp. In August of that year, Lucas was arrested when marijuana plants were found in the cornfield he was camping in. The State of Maryland initially planned to charge Lucas with unlawful manufacture and possession of controlled dangerous substances, but the charges were eventually dropped. Lucas died in 2008 of leukemia.


Beautiful Watercolour City Art

Bored Panda

Maja Wrońska is a Polish architect, watercolourist and freelance illustrator creates watercolors that focus on architecture and cities. Here are some works . . .

Florence. Italy

Paris, France


Venice. Italy

Venice, Italy

Golden Gate Bridge, USA

Burano, Italy

San Telmo, Spain


Munich, Germany

Tucuman, Argentina

Koln, Germany

Bonus pics . . .
Other works by Maja Wrońska . . .

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