Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I used to love watching Seinfeld, amazed at the insights and significance of everyday situations.  Even the episode about George and Jerry's pitch to some execs about their proposed show, along the lines of Seinfeld, has George saying "The show is about nothing."  So many episodes with so many memorable moments, so many quotes, so many ideas and phrases added to our language and existence.  We even named our trivia team "Spongeworthy" once.

What are some life lessons to be learned from Seinfeld (the show)?

by Erin Paige Law

Life happens in the spaces between what we consider the main events.

(Waiting to be seated at a restaurant, looking for your car in a garage).

Our relationships with the opposite sex are built and influenced by things much more complex and trivial than we imagine.

(The femininity of hands, speed dial order).

Sex is often a transaction, and involves negotiation on the part of both parties.

(The sponges, Jerry and Elaine's attempt at having sex again).

Being oblivious can often offer you more happiness than having insight into your life situation.

(Kramer is jobless but his life is like a fantasy baseball camp, George is jobless but his life is one big struggle with anxiety and self pity).

Our memories can fool us.

(Tropic of Cancer/Capricorn, being spat on at a baseball game).

Sometimes our biggest lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

(Jerry changing the size on his jeans, George wearing a toupee).

Work parties where alcohol is involved is a recipe for disaster.

(Jerry giving Elaine's alcoholic boyfriend a drink, Elaine's terrible dancing).

No matter how crazy your friends are they are your friends and you have to stick by them.

(Fetching Kramer from California, supporting Jerry in his bid to prove he is the fastest runner, helping Kramer retrieve his lucky jacket).

Sometimes things that sound good in theory are terrible in practice.

(Jerry's always naked girlfriend, Kramer trying to sleep like Einstein, the moustached holiday from themselves).

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