Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Bored Panda Selections

As a subscriber to the website Bored Panda, I receive regular updating emails as to new posts on that site. One email received in the last week mentioned so many articles of interest that I can’t resist posting snippets and pics to the most interesting, with links to the sources for each. 

Homeowners Outraged After Realizing Their Builders Built A Plastic Lake Instead Of The Real One Their Pictures Showed 

Developers from Changsha, Hunan [China], used an advertisement to trick homeowners into thinking that by buying an apartment in their building, they’d be living next to a park with a small lake in the middle of it. Well, the reality was as different as a mirage is from an oasis. Instead of a picturesque lake, homeowners found themselves living next to a ‘lake’ made of blue plastic covering, meant to mimic water. 


Woman Saves A Scorched And Screaming Koala With The Shirt Off Her Own Back 

The Red List of Threatened Species had already classified the koala as vulnerable, but the species is being threatened even more by devastating bushfires that have already burned more than 2.5 million acres of Australia’s east coast. 

But one recent act of bravery has given the country hope in fighting the blaze. After spotting a koala crossing a road amongst the flames in New South Wales, a local woman named Toni rushed to the animal’s aid, wrapping it in her shirt and pouring water over it. 

The hero said she was planning to take the injured koala to the nearby Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, a facility that is taking care of up to 15 affected koalas. 

The hospital and a few other organizations created a GoFundMe campaign to purchase automatic drinking stations and install them in the burnt areas to help in koala and wildlife survival. However, since people have already raised over $879,000 (the goal was $25,000), the project is being expanded 


The City Council In A Canadian Town Voted Down A Rainbow Crosswalk, Citizens Found A Loophole And Painted 16 Of Them 

The city council of the Canadian town of Chilliwack voted down a proposal to install a rainbow crosswalk in September 2019. They argued it would be seen as a political statement and therefore would have a great potential of dividing people. But that didn’t stop the citizens from making it happen it anyway as they managed to find the loophole in this whole plot. Apparently, since the city doesn’t have jurisdiction over private lands, it is possible to do it on privately owned property. People took this opportunity and made 16 rainbow crosswalks in total this way. 

Other cities in British Columbia are jumping in by painting rainbow crosswalks as well but the mastermind behind the Chilliwack’s rainbow crosswalk idea, Amber Price, has come up with an even grander idea. She said she’d love to see Chilliwack become a world record holder for the most rainbow sidewalks. With this dedication, it seems like everything is possible! 


South Dakota Spends $450k On An Antidrug Campaign Which Says That Everyone In The State Is On Meth 

Making a powerful and memorable PSA campaign is a hefty task. But is it really that hard not to make it sound like everyone in your state is high on meth? We are looking at you, South Dakota. Apparently, the state recently launched a campaign that aims to raise awareness of the meth epidemic, however, many people interpreted the campaign’s tagline “Meth. We are on it” as claiming that everyone in South Dakota is doing methamphetamine. 


Russian Street Artist Draws Realistic Portraits In One Hour 

Originally from Cheboksary, Nikolay Yarakhtin has been transferring every unique feature of different faces onto blank canvas using just a pencil for 28 years. 



Impressive “Ghost Plane” Performance Out Of 800 Drones Appeared At Chinese Air Show 

Participants of the 2019 Nanchang Flight Convention had a magnificent chance to witness just how jaw-dropping aeronautics really is. 800 individual drones took flight to light up the night sky in the shapes of airplanes and helicopters. 

The spectacular performance of the drones was a coordinated effort to celebrate aeronautics in China by showcasing the different kinds of aircraft available today. Drone formations took the shape of everything from passenger carriers to military helicopters to fighter jets to old-school propeller planes. 

One of the most spectacular parts of the performance was the “ghost plane”. It illuminated the night sky in eerie blue with a rhythmic red light pulsing front to back every once in a while for added effect. 

Drone technology has progressed quite a bit over the past years. Companies and hobbyists alike are experimenting with a variety of tech, enabling drones to do more than just fly. Coordinated shows such as the one in Nanchang are all thanks to wireless dongles built into the drones, allowing them to communicate their movements in sync based on a set program. 



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