Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Creative Ideas

The pics below were sent to me by Byter Vince C. I don’t know whether any of these inventions already exist but if not, some of them are worth thinking about. There are safety issues with a number of the ideas portrayed eg the slides next to stairs and I wonder at some of the practicality issues.

Movie theatres with screens in the bathroom:

Theatres with bean bag seats:

Foldable bike helmet:

Wall outlets with USB chargers:

And with a built in night light:

Wall outlet with an extension cord built inside:

Traffic lights with countdown indicators:

Small tiles that can be attached to almost anything, serving as a locator using your smartphone:

A pen with built-in scanner that lets you scan and write in any colour:

Power strips that you can extend and rotate:

Benches that will always have a dry seat:

Coffee cups that catch their own drips:

Fresh pizza vending machines:

Carparks with vacant space indicators (I know that these exist, I have seen them):

A fun way top stop littering:

Stairs with slides:

Backpacks with hoodees:

Solar powered charger:

Supermarkets where you can select your own soft drink 12 pack:

Hot or cold drinks charger device:

Pringles lifting device:

Water fountains with built in bottle filling station:

Subways where you can pay by recycling:

Packing tape that is easy to open:

Space saving bike rack:

Removable brush for easy cleaning:

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