Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Pics from the Past

The Martin Place clock face being removed.The whole tower was removed in 1942 for fear of bombing by the Japanese during WWll.

Australia’s first women Olympians, Fanny Durack and Mina Wylie, 1912.

Cumberland Place, The Rocks, Sydney in 1901.

Unemployed man squatting and cooking in the Domain during the Great Depression, Sydney NSW, ca. 1930s

Whaling Byron Bay 1954-1962

Whaling Byron Bay 1954-1962

Corner George and Bridge Streets,Sydney in 1895

Clare Dennis, gold medalist for Australia, 200m breast stroke in world record time, 1932 Los Angeles Olympics.

Australian soldiers in Gallipoli 1915, indigenous Australian in centre.

Australian Lionel Logue, portrayed by Geoffrey Rush in The King’s Speech, shown here at age 26 was the speech therapist responsible for assisting overcome the stammering of King George VI. Pictured above with his future wife, 21-year-old Myrtle Gruenert.

Bold Street bridge collapse, Granville NSW January 18, 1977, caused by train derailment. This was the worst train disaster in Australian history, with 83 deaths and 201 injured.

Five Australian former POWs catch up on news, after their release from Japanese captivity in Singapore, Sep 1945.

Air raid shelter in Sydney’s Hyde Park during World War II

Australia's first surfer Isabel Letham, who in 1914 surfed at Freshwater Beach with Hawaiian legend, Duke Kahanamoku.

A by-way to Lower George Street, Sydney, 1906

Bus used to transport passengers from Central Station, Sydney, 1898.

The Colored Idea Band of Sonny Clay arrives in Sydney, 1928

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