Thursday, February 11, 2016

Elmer Reavis's House

A couple of days ago a news item featured photographs of an amazingly charming cottage in Los Angeles that had come on the market with an asking price of $US600,000 ($846,763). What made it all the more fascinating was the story that accompanied the pics, namely that the house had been built in 1924 by Californian Elmer Reavis, who was legally blind when he built it. I have tried to find out more about him but have not located anything, I will therefore assume that “legally blind” means that he did have some vision.

Some comments:
  • Reavis used a system of pulleys and ropes to assist in construction, that system also enabling him to lift a 680 kilogram stone into place above the fireplace.
  • The house features arroyo stone, exposed beams, leadlight windows and a pool.
  • There is also a guesthouse with loft bedroom, a fishpond, built in bbq and patio.
Love it.

And respect him.


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