Monday, July 24, 2017

Kate Update, Readers Write


Kate Update:

Kate attended the Fracture Clinic at RPA last Friday and was x-rayed again. 

Here is another x-ray taken at the time of the original hospital visit, not previously seen by us:

Here is the latest x-ray:

She was told that if you had to have a fracture, this would be one of the last on the list, and that her fracture was “particularly nasty”.

The cast was removed, manipulation carried out to force the arm into a different position (the muscles were in spasm and had to be released) and a new cast applied. A not-so-pleasant experience which Kate endured bravely.  Onya Kate.

Another Fracture Clinic visit next Friday.

Readers Write. . .

An email from Dianne M in Holland:
Hi Otto 
Hope that Kate is improving well and that the pain is gone and hoping that the break heals well. My best wishes to her from me. Take good care of yourselves 

Received this email below from my girlfriend out Australia. You have had this on your Bytes before. Enjoy. 
Take care 
Thanks, Dianne.

Dianne’s email was accompanied by text and comments about the Bloemencorso flower show and displays in Holland. In Dutch, the word “bloemencorso” means “flower parade”, “flower pageant” or “flower procession”.

Here is the text from Dianne’s email:
Made from flowers in Holland, since 1936!  
What began in 1936 as a flower parade has become the oldest and most celebrated ode to blooms in Europe. Ever since its inception, Zundert in the Netherlands has hosted an annual flower show Bloemencorso, with an average 50,000 visitors descending on the town to look at the brilliant displays.  
Creators use dahlias for their breathtaking displays and build gravity defying sculptures.
Dianne is right about this having featured in Bytes before.

Click on the following links to see the previous posts:

(16 June 2013)

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(15 September 2016)

I won’t repost Dianne’s pics in that they are all included in the above links.

Although the 2017 Bloemencorso parade was held in April of this year, I have been able to locate numerous videos of the event but no still photographs. Maybe there is some sort of embargo.

Here is a link to a video:

An email from Tim B, in respect of last Friday's Funny Friday:
The first part not so good, but the jokes at the end are ok
Thanks, Tim.

The first part referred to by Tim was to stick figure humour.


An email from Steve M , , , 
in respect of yesterday’s post where I mentioned the locality where he lives, Razorback, near Camden:
Interesting Bytes about our locale today Otto, thanks. I work from a cottage in the grounds of our little farm, and during an inspection a few years ago, the local council told us that it is at least 90 years old, if not considerably older. There is no trace of it in the council’s records and they think the cottage was erected long before folks needed building approvals.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect about the cottage is the fact that soon after we moved to the property one of our dog’s (a blue cattle dog called George) was walking ahead of us and the door to the cottage was open. George wandered in alone and moments later he came flying out, or was bundled out, breaking his foot in the process, howling and shaking with fear. The cottage was completely empty.

Subsequently we have had two different spiritualist / mediums inspect the building, and both say it is inhabited by spirits from times gone by. Upstairs are the spirits of several red coats and downstairs is inhabited by aboriginals. We were told to show respect every time we visit the cottage, and ask permission to enter. I work there most days and the dogs accompany me - George has had no other problems since we adopted the courtesies suggested by the mediums. We subsequently discovered that the adjacent property has a ‘water hole’ (just behind our cottage, in fact) and it is regarded as a sacred place by aboriginals, and was used for healing ceremonies until about five years ago when the owners (the Catholic Church) sold it.

Regards always

Steve m 
Fascinating. Thanks Steve.

Steve's farm

Steve's cottage, where he does his writing (Steve is an author).
(Is it called Wombat Cottage because he eats, . . .?)

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