Monday, August 28, 2017

Readers Write and Miscellany


Readers Write . . . 

From Wayne B in respect of the swimmer who created his own minute’s silence for the Barcelona terrorist victims when the officials refused and in respect of the Council decision to shift the Australia Day ceremony date:
Love the thought of the day and the swimmer’s 1 minute delay in respect for those killed. Abraham Lincoln's quote is good too. I think the Melbourne Council decision is contrary to democracy seeing that only about 55 residents out of the 81 surveyed out of 140,000 agreed to do away with our historical Australia Day ceremony. A pathetic sample survey. Wonder which local coffee shops they surveyed.
Thanks Wayne.

From Steve M in respect of the Roald Dahl Revolting Rhyme:
Hello Otto,

Bytes today dealt with one of my hero’s, Roald Dahl.

A colourful character, raconteur and at times, a bit of a difficult bastard, too. Some people do not know about his adult works, which are famous for their surprise endings and somewhat gruesome storylines. A wonderful writer, and before JK Rowling came along, Dahl was the largest selling Children’s author in history.

Initially he struggled to get his books published, and his biggest selling book ever, James and the Giant Peach, was rejected by every single publisher in the UK, without exception, over a period of around 9 years,. The manuscript ended up as a doorstop in his kitchen! One of his daughters picked it up and started to read it, couldn’t put it down. Took it to school. Read it on the bus on the way home. That night a neighbours daughter was visiting for dinner and asked if she could have a read. She took it home, could not put it down. Her father was about to leave one of Britain’s largest publishing houses and start up on his own. Took one look at the manuscript and signed Dahl up as his first writer / client. The rest, you know!

There are many books written about Dahl and his life – I have them all. I also have several first editions of his children’s books, each signed personally by him, and one also signed by the marvellous Quintin Blake as well (Dahl’s illustrator). Dahl was without doubt a literary genius, though not easy to get to know and even harder to stay friends with. He could be arrogant and bombastic as well as charming and fascinating, and most interviewers dreaded meeting him because he could be so difficult and contradictory. But... if you let his body of work talk for him, you will never stop listening.

Loved the Bytes Otto. Many thanks as always. 
Thanks, Steve.

From Tobye P, on the chess nuts Funny Friday item:
The chess-nuts…all priceless but the chess-nuts is the best! 
Thanks Otto! 
Regards, Tobye 
Thanks Tobye.

Also from Tobye, in respect of Winston Churchill’s somewhat cruel comment to Bessie Braddock about being ugly versus being drunk:
Oh My! I’ve known that Winston story most of my adult life - but I don’t think I ever saw the recipient of his wit. He’s so right - yikes, that face - and those arms are massive! That poor woman… 
Enjoy the weekend! 
Regards, Tobye 
Thanks again, Tobye.


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