Sunday, March 27, 2011

Graphics gone wrong...

"OMG! The exclamatory online abbreviation has won the approval of the Oxford English Dictionary.
The term - short for ''Oh my God'' or ''Oh my gosh'' - is one of dozens of new entries in the authoritative reference book's latest online update."

-  News Report, Sydney Morning Herald, 26 March 2011

OMG is also the exclamation offered by graphic designers when it is pointed out to them that logos designed by them for use by their clients have an unintended risque aspect.  The exclamation is not so much "Oh my God" as "OH MY GOD!!!!"  It is an exclamation also repeated by the client who has used the logo.

A mild example is the following:

What do you see?  An abstract male figure on the left and a female fisgure in a long skirt on the right?  Or a pair of female breasts and a torso?
There are more examples of inappropriate logos and trade names at the sites listed below.  Click on those links to access the sites but be warned that many of the logos are unintendedly risque.


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