Monday, April 12, 2010

Art: Min Jae Lee

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A day or two ago I came across some portraits by a young Korean artist by the name of Min Jae Lee. I was immediately captivated by his work and his unique, strong style.

His work can be seen at:
and at the following Google search page, where you can also click on the images to enlarge (click on the link, then click on an image, then double click on the image again to isolate it):

The following comments are from the web page the subject of the first link above:
Minjae Lee is a young South Korean artist whose work expresses a semi-disturbing inner tension that is tough to ignore, even if you feel that you'd like to. It draws you in with its powerful colours, halting imagery and clever juxtaposition of beauty, innocence and fragility with brash, loud and aggressive.

The 19-year old artist is mainly self-taught and uses old-fashioned tools — such as markers, pens, crayons, acrylics — to create his illustrations. He has yet to break into commercial success, but as his style is developing and improving each time new images appear, we will likely see a lot of him in the future.

What characterises his work overall is drama. The ethereal females that populate most of his work exude a dark, organic tension, and it seems that even the brightest marker colours do not quite manage to save them from some sort of looming peril. Or are we, the viewers, in fact, the ones who are in danger? Whatever the case, we are drawn in, interacting on an emotional level, surprised, looking for something.
I don’t know if he would have done any good with a portrait in the Archibald but I do like his work more than the portrait that won.

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