Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fretkillr has left the building...

Some time ago I posted an item about an anonymous singer/guitarist who travelled by the name FretKillr, sometimes FretKiller. I said how much I liked the videos he posted on YouTube, about 100 in number, and that if he ever released any albums I would be buying them so quick that I would leave air trails behind me like Road Runner. Alas and aleck, Mr Fretkillr is no more, YouTube has taken down all his videos. The music has died. The consensus is that this was initiated by the copyright holders of the songs he was singing.

There are some videos left on YouTube where they are being posted by diehard fans of FretKillr but it is only a matter of time before they go where FretKillr has gone.

Catch my favourite Fretkillr song, Wayfaring Stranger, the best rendition of this old folk song I have ever heard, at:

Some other postings by Fretkillr fans (see these videos before Fretkillr and the video clips are extinct):

Mr Bojangles:

Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright:

Ain’t Misbehavin’:

Wonderful World:

In the words of one of the fans at the Wayfaring Stranger post:
Music lives on for ever! I will seek it, I will find it, for it feeds my soul! Thanks to all the music makers out there whomever they may be.


  1. Fretkillr is a great loss for all of his fans. I would pay to see him in concert anywhere. His videos has given me back something I had lost for a long time. My thanks to Fretkillr for his videos. I would also like to thank Bytesmaster for Fretkillr has left the building. You said what I couldn't Thank You!

  2. We are currently uploading all his videos and songs back up. I'll never sleep until we get them all up.

    Long live fretkillr.