Monday, June 21, 2010

New Zealand Nude Blacks

You have to hand it to the Kiwis.

Whereas the New Zealand Rugby Union team is known as the All Blacks from their all black playing kit, the NZ Soccer team plays in all white kit and is known as…  the All Whites. Ironically, the All Whites are playing in South Africa.  That in itself would be something but what is amazing is a 1-1 draw with Italy.

Now the Kiwis have taken a step further in respect of Rugby Union: the Nude Blacks. As a curtain raiser to the Rugby Union test in Dunedin between the All Blacks and the Welsh Dragons, another test match took place afew hours earlier  in another location in Dunedin, a place located at the bottom of NZ’s South Island.  That test match was a nude test between the NZ Nude Blacks and the Welsh Leeks. That’s right, totally nude.

This is the seventh  annual nude test match since nude rugby commenced in Dunedin 2002 and it is complete with scrums and lineouts. Plus the haka. See the haka performed at this event at:

The Leeks responded to the haka by doing a Morris dance and throwing leeks at the Nude Blacks.

The match, which was won by New Zealand 20-15, was watched by 1,500 spectators, with the winners being presented with a toilet seat trophy.

Play was disrupted by a clothed streaker who was apprehended by a nude police officer:

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