Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reader Comment

From Byter Robyn:

Your byte about sunlight soap prompted heaps of memories. My father was a linotype operator so industrial strength soap was an essential in our home. I recall sugar and soap poultices well for anything from splinters to boils. Was the black ointment (liberally applied to or for all manner of injury or illness) Friars Balsam by any chance?

Failing those remedies it was a dose of rum and milk (regardless of age)

The sunlight soap was broken into individual blocks across the side of the washing tub (which was next to the copper).

Like yourself I am drawn to the handmade soaps at local markets. My personal favourite is sandalwood although I will seek out the mandarin in future.


I don't remember the brand of black ointment, it wasn't Friar's Balsam though.  It came in a jar and was simply labelled Black Ointment, smelt like the dickens and made your skin turn really white when it was left on...

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