Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An extract from Life with Gough by Barry Cohen, a collection of anecdotes concerning Gough Whitlam:


No one was ever able to fathom Gough’s aversion to small men. We were never sure whether he really disliked them or whether it was just coincidence that he always seemed to be clashing with the diminutive men in Caucus.

One of the lesser giants, Dr Richie Gun (Member for Kingston, SA, from 1969-1975), always seemed to be at odds with our glorious leader. Appearing with him at a rally in his electorate during the 1975 election campaign, Gough was idly thumbing through Richie’s election pamphlet and noticed the following reference to both of them: ‘The Prime Minister has often stated his admiration for Dr Gun’s wide general knowledge.’

Gough did a doubletake and whispered to the local MP, ‘Gun, what’s all this about. I’ve said no such thing’.

‘Yes you did, Prime Minister,’ replied Richie, ‘you often called me a “fucking little know-all”.’

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