Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday Miscellany: A Collection of Odds, Ends and Personals

Byter Wayne sent me an email and commented that there are love locks at Illoura Reserve at the bottom of Darling Street, East Balmain beside the ferry wharf.  (The pics above and below are not of that location).

This is in respect of the Bytes item about places where people put a lock on a fence, wall, bridge etc as an indication of their love.

Hey Wayne, have you put one there for Carol? And if not, why not?

Byter Sue P dropped me a line in response to the item about Christmas Tree and Decoration Fails, giving me a link to what she referred to as "our Northern Rivers gem".  That link was to a newspaper story about the Council decorated tree in the centre of Lismore, the story being headed "Is Lismore's Christmas tree the worst in the State?"  Judge for yourself:

The story which accompanied the article is as follows:

Lismore Council has come under fire for its rather ordinary attempts to get into the festive spirit. 
The 10m Cook Pine, known to locals as the Leaning Tree of Lismore, was decorated by council workers last week. According to the Northern Star the 64m of garlands and measly 20 decorations cost between $4000-$5000. 
Critics immediately took to social media to lampoon the tree.  Rebecca Gregory posted on Facebook that it was the quality of the decorations that was the issue.  “Always looks like they shoot the decos out of a cannon at it,” she said.  Tracey Cook, meanwhile, said “It’s definitely an eyesore and an embarrassment.” 
Others, however, said the tree reflected the offbeat nature of the town. 
“It’s wonderful and quirky, I’d even say an icon of Lismore,” Mac Amey posted. 
Mayor Jenny Dowell said she supported a move to update the decade old decorations.  “Every year I ask council to invest in better decorations, and I understand there has been a decision by the Lismore Business Panel to purchase fairy lights for the town centre, but I don’t know when that will happen,” she told the Northern Star.  “I agree the tree could do with a lot of attention, some new tinsel at least, but it is a matter of priorities.  “It’s (the tree) a bit bent, much like Lismore itself”.

The tree story made it to England's Daily Mail, which also featured a story about the Brit's worst Christmas trees in Mottram and Micklehurst, Manchester. (They seem to have a fascination with M's in Manchester).  The trees consisted of lights strung on some scraggly trees, raising the ire of locals who added their own decorations to the one in Micklehurst, making it look even worse according to some:

The tree in Micklehurst, note the strand of lights.

Unfortunately the lights didn't work.

The lights on the tree in Mottram did work. . . 

but it still looked so poor that the locals decorated it . . 

. . .although others said that only made it worse.

Thanks Sue.

Quote for the day:

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