Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vintage Pics: George Street, Sydney

George Street, Sydney near Hunter Street, c 1900
(Click on photo to enlarge).

Some points to note:

-  The presence of numerous electric trams and horse carriages.

-  The lack of cars.

-  The passengers in the front tram standing at the entry, sitting on the hand rail and on the step. Less stringent OH&S and civil liability then.

-  The chaps at the bottom left with brooms – note the stains on the roadway near the trains, reminders that equine transport has different waste emissions to motor vehicles.

-  The building on the right, the site of mercers, tailors and shirtmakers for men, Peapes & Co Ltd, which advertised under the slogan “for men and their sons”. The company supplied the official uniforms for most of the private schools around Sydney

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