Friday, September 2, 2011

Funny Friday


A man from the city bought himself a farm.

On his first day at the farm he was walking his acres, discovering the creeks, hills and other features when he came upon a large hole in the ground.  He looked inside but he could see only blackness.  He picked up a small stone and dropped it into the hole, waiting to hear it strike the bottom to ascertain its depth, but he heard nothing.

He then dropped in a larger stone, with his ear held over the hole, but again he heard nothing.

Looking around he noticed a railway sleeper.  With some effort he managed to push it into the hole.  As he waited to hear the sound of it striking the bottom, a goat ran out from some nearby bushes and charged staright at him.  He managed to get out of its way at the last moment but the goat continued straight on, into the hole.

A short while later a man came by and said to him “’Scuse me, mate, but you haven’t seen a goat around here anywhere, have you?”

”Well, as a matter of fact I have,” he replied.  “A goat came out of those bushes, charged at me and dived into this hole.”

“That wouldn’t be my goat,” he replied, “mine’s tied to a railway sleeper.”

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