Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Slips and Viruses


There was no Bytes yesterday, my computer picked up some sort of virus that not only stopped me receiving or sending emails, it also prevented me opening my email site at all. 

Earlier that day I had received an email comment from Robyn in respect of the post on 16 April about rocking horse motion and forward progress: 
I wonder if your typo in the last word of line 3 of para 1 of today's byte is a Freudian slip? 
The word Robyn is referring to is the last word of the following sentence:

the trickle of emails from John to my son and myself has turned into a flood: queries, suggestions, advice, comments, copied documents and repeat sends of what has already been supplied by him in the pest.

It may or not have been Freudian but it was a genuine typo.

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