Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wot about. . . ?


As I’ve mentioned before, no one comments on band names posts except to query a name that is missing.

Byter Charles, a friend of mine, is no exception.  A couple of days ago I posted band names origins for M-O.  Shortly afterwards I received an email from Charles: “What about the Masters Apprentices?”  Had I missed a major group, something current or past, known internationally?  No, Charles was referring to a group that had some hits in Oz in the Sxties.  You’re showing your age, Chezza.  (I will confess that I recall them as well).

Take a look at the Masters Apprentices singing Living in a Child’s Dream at:

The Masters Apprentices was an Australian rock band.  Formed in Adelaide in 1965, they relocated to Melbourne in 1967 and attempted to break into the United Kingdom market from 1970, before disbanding in 1972.  They were originally called The Mustangs and played covers of The Shadows and The Ventures hits but realised from the 1964 Beatles tour of Australia that surf music and instrumentals had had their day.  They changed style, took on Jim Keays as lead singer and adopted the name Masters Apprentices (without an apostrophe).  According to Keays "We are apprentices to the masters of the blues – Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Jimmy Red, Elmore James and Robert Johnson.”

I wonder whether the Masters came to Charles’ mind because he has a wish to regress to younger days, that he relates to the lyrics of Living in a Child’s Dream:

See the windows of the green house, they’re painted yellow like the doors.
See the child who sits in wonder, at this brightly coloured scene.
See the clown who makes the children laugh, as he spins around and
shows them all his tricks.
Oh how I wish I were a little boy again, living in a child's dream.

See you at Trivia next Wednesday, Charles, when we can discuss:
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