Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Miscellany: Some odds, ends and personals

Some past scenes of Sydney and surrounding areas . . . 

Christmas at Bondi Beach, 1944

Covelly Beach, 1936

Her Majesty's Theatre, Sydney, decorated and illuminated for the visit of the Prince of Wales and showing "Kissing time", 1920

Statue of Captain Cook, Hyde Park 1893

George Street, Sydney 1900

Taking strain measurements, Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1932

Early years of the 20th century - workmen in the process of installing a tramway dummy in Darling Street, Balmain. The purpose of the dummy and counterweight system, commissioned in 1903, was to prevent runaway trams on the steep slope to the Darling Street Wharf. A descending tram would push a dummy car down the hill, while a counterweight travelled in the opposite direction. As trams ascended, the dummy was pulled upwards by the counterweight. Local children often boarded the dummy.

Headquarters of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in Castlereagh Street, Sydney, c 1890. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge under construction

Market Street, Sydney 1920

Houses at St Leonards, 1870’s

George Street, Sydney, 1960’s

Stanmore Theatre, 1936

AMP Building, Sydney 1962

St Andrew's Cathedral and Sydney Town Hall, Sydney George Street - early 1900's.

Depression "bread wars", corner store on Bourke Fitzroy Streets, Surry Hills, Sydney, 21 August 1934. The shop still stands, worn step included, but the area has gentrified since its slum days.

Fishing at Victoria Lake, Sydney Uni, 1930

Parramatta Road, Ashfield, looking east from Orpington Street, October 1950. Ashfield Park on the right.

Stanmore Road, Stanmore, 1875

Pouring the first concrete road, Military Rd, Sydney c1924


  1. Hi there

    Where did you find the photo of Ashfield park/Parramatta road. Would be interested to see more!


    1. Hi there, It came from Pinterest.
      Some suggestions:
      1. Try clicking on:
      2. Google "Parramatta Road, Ashfield, looking east from Orpington Street, October 1950. Ashfield Park on the right."
      3. Contact Ashfield & District Historical Society, they have a large collection of photographs:
      Email address:
      Postal address:PO Box 20, Ashfield, NSW, Australia 1800
      The Society's Rooms are located in Thirning Villa, Pratten Park, 40 Arthur Street, Ashfield
      4. Look up their website for more photos:


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