Monday, October 5, 2015

Quote for the Day

In 2012 Malcolm Turnbull delivered a parliamentary tribute to the recently deceased Bob Hughes. Speaking about Hughes's advocacy of a republic, he turned to his leader, arch-monarchist Tony Abbott, and said: "I think he had a swing at you, Tony, in one of those debates." 

"He missed!", replied Abbott. 

"Yes, he missed!" said Turnbull. "What a loss for the nation it would have been if he had connected!"


  1. I met Otto a few years ago, a good few years ago really and have to say that he has Always been an excellent friend. Even tonight, I called him after having a panic attack and he calmed me down. Otto is someone that is Always there for his friends and am sure that his friends are Always there for him!

  2. Yeah sorry, nothing to do with his post, but am pretty sure most feel the same way


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