Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Art of Rich McCor - Part 1

Remember the scene in that marvellous movie Dead Poets Society where John Keating stands on his desk and tells the class that he does so to remind himself that we must constantly look at things in a different way?

I was reminded of that by seeing the simple, yet imaginative, photographic approach of Rich McCor to well known scenes. 

The following explanation by Rich McCor is taken from a website called Bored Panda:
I decided I would become a tourist in my own city- I wanted to see the London that I ignored, to explore the landmarks and the quirky history. I started researching for interesting facts and began thinking about how I could photograph the sites in an original way. 
My first idea was using a cut-out to transform Big Ben into a wristwatch. Whilst I was there, a girl and her father took an interest in what I was doing and I showed them the photo on my camera screen. They were full of enthusiasm for the idea, and it spurred me on to do more. I then took photos of St Pauls, the London Eye and Trafalgar Square and whilst I was doing this, I would post them on my Instagram alongside a quirky fact I’d picked up about the landmark. 
Then one day Lonely Planet contacted me on Instagram, they liked what I did and wondered if I wanted to create some photos for them. Of course I said yes, and it led me to Stockholm, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Paris- I crammed in so much in the few days I was in each city, running around with a camera, handful of cut-outs and a head full of random facts to accompany each photo.

Those who would like to visit Rich’s website and have a look at his cutouts on scenes, as well as interesting photos generally, can do so by clicking on:

Here are some of his images, more to come in future Bytes:

McCor’s first work: turning Big Ben into a wrist watch.

Fountains outside Somerset House, London

Fountains near London’s Tower Bridge

St Paul’s Cathedral (McCor called this work “Sundae Service”)

Trafalgar Square

St George’s Wharf, London - 
Eye of Sauron”

London Eye

Trafalgar Square fountains

Postage stamp to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s lengthy reign

Windmill in Amsterdam

Balloons in Covent Garden

Southbank fountains


National indoor arena, Ericsson Globe, Sweden

Another view of the Ericsson Globe

Maritime Museum, London

Metro station, Stockholm


Does anyone find this image sexy?  No?  I didn't either.

More McCor to come.

O Captain, my Captain

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