Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Dads, Part 1

The following pics are from a story titled “These Dads Have failed Gloriously at Parenting and That’s Okay” at: 

The introductory paragraphs read: 
Dads really do live by their own set of rules. They are goofy, sometimes they don’t think through life’s big moments, and they are loving. We combed through thousands of dad fails to find a group of images that perfectly sum up why some dads really need parent training to get through the day.  
By the time you see these examples of dad fails you will be questioning if men should really be allowed to hang out with their own children unsupervised. From dad built swings to the Cheerios Challenge, there’s no lack of… um… interesting ideas. 
The rest of the article contains photographs with commentaries, my view is that the photographs speak for themselves (as judges and magistrates are wont to say in court) . . . 

Fearing that his son would feel teased because of his clothing choices, Dad wore the skirt in support of him. Can someone say, Dad of the year?

(More to come)

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