Monday, November 12, 2018

Who remembers? . . .


Sunny Boy ice blocks were sold in milk bars and tuck shops. They came in a tetrahedral shape called a tetra-pak and would freeze your fingers while you sucked, nibbled and drank it, which usually took ages. Production ceased in 2016 due to declining demand. A petition to save Sunny Boy ice blocks was unsuccessful, not achieving the required signatures. Illustrating that attachment is often nostalgia based rather than in purchasing. They were a great part of childhood though. 


These days one would be hard pressed to find a wooden thread spool but French Knitting still goes on, using more advanced implements . . . 

What to do with the knitted strands once created? Here are some ideas: 


Monday was banking day at school. I never claimed what I deposited, I wonder how much it is worth now with interest. And how much school money is the bank sitting on altogether?


I typed my university assignments on one of the above for the first few years, being my mother's old typewriter.  I then moved on to one of these: 

I also graduated from this: 


but this remained constant: 


We carried our stuff to and from school in ports (short for portmanteau), usually a Globite, although some of us had the forerunners of today’s backpacks . . . 


And who remembers? . . .

(More to come).

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