Wednesday, May 25, 2016

From readers

Some Byter input . . .

Sent to me by Thomas:


From David B:

Talking of kids on bikes this photo might interest you. It shows a 6-7 year old me in ~1954 with my late dad. Prior to that i used to travel in a sidecar attached to the tandem


From Wayne:

The baby carrier bile from Holland looks like the old shop delivery bicycles we had in the 1950s.

I always wanted to visit Bruges to see the canal system. Now I want to add Giethoorn to the list.


From Tobye P:

Wow! Mega-cool views-and the bike too!

Thanks, Tobye

From Sandra B:

A man becomes marooned on a deserted island.

He's learned how to survive and manages to keep up the routine for 10 years. One day while sitting on the beach a gorgeous woman walks out of the waves in full scuba gear. He runs up to her ecstatic to see another human face. He is still in disbelief when he says, "Are... are you real?" She nods and responds with, "How long have you been here?"

"Ten years." 

"So how long has it been since you tasted your dear friend Jack?"

"Ten years."

She opens one pocket and takes a bottle of Jack Daniels out and hands it to the man. His entire body warms with one sip and the taste is nothing short of euphoric.

"How long since your last drag?"

"Ten years."

She opens another pocket and hands the man a cigarette and lighter. He inhales deeply and savours the moment.

At this point she begins to unzip the front of her suit to reveal she is not wearing anything underneath.

"How long since you played around...?"

The man’s eyes grow and he exclaims, "DON'T TELL ME YOU HAVE A SET OF GOLF CLUBS IN THERE!"

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