Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Some Dutch items

Yesterday I posted some pics from bygone days, one them being of a tandem bicycle with a baby carrier at the back:

It inspired a friend in Holland, who is a subscriber to Bytes, to send me an email:
I couldn't believe the bike picture with the baby lying on the back carrier, just super dangerous. 
Dutch people have different models of bikes to carry their kids with them to school , shopping etc. 
This is the model that our physiotherapist has who brings his little boy to wherever he needs to go. The child faces him sitting in a baby seat with the seat belt on. There is space for shopping, pram and/or dog, whatever. 

Of course it makes it easier here that it is flat country. 
Take care. 
(The cover for the carrier can be back folded as seen, or closed over the child's carrier or canopy.)

Coincidentally, that same day I also received an email from Charles D with photographs from Holland of a parade of ships.

Here is the commentary and some of the pics:
Every five years the parade of ships 'SAIL Amsterdam' takes place. In August thousands of vessels, from small sailboats to large replicas of caravels, arrive together at the IJ bay north of the city and then pass to the capital of the Netherlands, in 2015 involving 8,000 vessels! 


One further item about Holland (the country of my birth, although I have lived in Oz from age 5).

There is a village in Holland known as Giethoorn which has no roads, only canals and 180 bridges. There are 2,620 residents. The village fended off competition from 182 contenders across the world to achieve a place on the board of the new international edition of Monopoly.

Some pics:

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