Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ned Kelly letterboxes . . .

Alan Waddell, who despite advanced years, walked every street in over 280 Sydney suburbs, has been the subject of a previous Bytes post. Alan passed away in 2008 but his sons maintain his website, Walking Sydney Streets, and regularly send out emails with interesting pics of Sydney suburbs.

In a recent email was a pic of a Ned Kelly letterbox: 

The entry is at:

For overseas readers, Ned Kelly is an Australian folk hero, a bushranger (outlaw) who made a final stand with his gang against the police wearing armour made from ploughshares. An artist present at the time made the following sketch: 

This is the real armour:

The letterbox pic from Alan’s blog isn’t an award winning design but it did prompt me to do a search for any other Ned Kelly letterboxes. What I found was a mixture of some that are quite good and some that are woeful.

Here are some:

 Alan Waddell inspecting another Ned Kelly letterbox

One final thought on the topic . . .

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