Friday, July 1, 2011

Funny Friday

An elderly chap living in the bush felt sickly and went to the doctor for a look at. The doctor looked him over and said, "Bring a urine specimen to me in the morning to help me find out what’s wrong."

He went home and said to his wife "The doc wants me to bring him a specimen in the morning. What’s a specimen?”

When his wife said that she didn’t know either, he said “I’ll go ask the brother.”

“Don’t go near your brother,” she says, “you know you two always argue and it always ends in a blue.”

“What can go wrong?” he asked.  “I’m just asking him for some information.”

He returned some time later with his clothes torn, a black eye and bruises.

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph,” said his wife.  “What happened this time?”

“All I know is that when I saw him I asked him what a specimen was,” replied her husband.  “He said ‘Piss in a bottle’, so I said  'Go shit in yer hat !' and that’s when the fight started.”

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