Friday, July 15, 2011

Funny Friday

(The following includes swearing).

A teacher addresses her primary school class:  “Class, the lesson now is spelling.  I would like each of you to stand up, tell me what you had for breakfast and then spell it.  Billy?” 

Billy stands and says “ I had bacon and eggs Miss, B-A-C-O-N, E-G-G-S.” “Good,” says the teacher, “Sally?”

Sally stands and says “I had toast, Miss, T-O-A-S-T.”  “Also good,” says the teacher, “Johnny?” 

Johnny gets to his feet and says “I didn’t have any fuckin’ breakfast, F-U-….”  Before he can finish the teacher cuts him short and soundly tells him off, then sends the children out to recess.

Over the break she thinks to herself that she may have been a little hard on Johnny, that maybe she should make it up to him when class resumes. She decides that she will ask him the first question when they return from recess.

After they are all seated again she says “Class, this lesson is geography.  Johnny, can you tell me where the Queensland border is?” 

Says Johnny “Well, when I left home this morning he was in bed with me Mum, that’s why I didn’t have any fuckin’ breakfast.” 

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