Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Anecdote: Juliet Prowse / Charles Boyer

Bernie Koppel (above), who played the doctor on The Love Boat and who is in Oz, was interviewed on Weekend Sunrise. He told a Juliet Prowse / Charles Boyer (below) anecdote which I looked up and I came across Bernie telling the same anecdote in an interview posted earlier this year on the web site Bullz-Eye:
Bullz-Eye:  A quick “Love Boat” question. Who were some of your favorite guest stars that you worked with?

Bernie Koppel: Oh, my goodness. Well, right off the bat, I think of Juliet Prowse, with the most gorgeous legs and body that anybody ever dreamt of. We had scenes in bed together.  And I know that she had gone with Sinatra, and I was thinking, “I…I just don’t know if I’ll be able to speak…I hope my hairpiece doesn’t fall off…I’m just so nervous.” So just before this scene, maybe to loosen me up, she said, “You know, Charles Boyer had a scene like this, with a lovely leading lady in bed, and just before the scene, he said, ‘You know, sweetheart, if possibly I get – how do you say – aroused during the scene, forgive me, please.’ And then he said, ‘If possibly I don’t get aroused, forgive me please.”

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