Tuesday, December 8, 2015

News Bytes

Things you may have missed last week . . .

A WTF? Moment:

You stroll out your back door and happen to glance, out of the corner of your eye, notice something a little different on your house wall . . .

That is what happened to a Thurgoona resident, Eric Holland (aged 80) who said that they sometimes found blue tongues and lizards in the backyard but never before had they had a 1.5m goanna, much less one attached to the back wall.

According to Eric, "I couldn't have been more shocked if a Martian had landed. My yellow streak started to show and I jumped back in the shed."  He did emerge long enough to take a pic.

It prompted one person to remark ‘You call that a lizard? THIS is a lizard.’

It also prompted the article to comment “With stories like these, it's no wonder visitors to the sunburnt country experience a persistent feeling of low-level panic whenever they step outside.”

Btw, Thurgoona is near Albury, next to Dragabagalong and Wheelabarraback. Nahh, it’s near Albury but those other places are made up.


A Royal two fingers:

Poor Tony Abbot. 

Not only was he the Queen’s strongest supporter in Oz and the former executive director of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy, he also gave Prince Philip a knighthood. The knighthood was the final straw in his political demise.

It’s therefore a little sad that when he requested an audience with the Queen when he visited London last month, he was told Her Maj was too busy.

According to the article:
It's not clear whether Mr Abbott had any particular purpose in his request, but he said in September that part of the Queen's appeal was as a symbolism of continuity: "The Crown is a fixed and stable point in a shifting and changing world."
A further extract:
Mr Abbott, invited to give the Margaret Thatcher oration, was in London from October 26 to 28. 
The Queen's daily schedule, which is published by the Palace, shows that she had only two appointments on the 26th and was apparently free in the evening. 
On the 27th she hosted a morning reception and had an evening meeting with Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron but nothing in between. 
And on the third and final day of Mr Abbott's trip she had no appointments all day but gave a reception in the evening, according to her published diary.
The following cartoon accompanied the text of the article:


American Christmas card:

A lot of families send out a family pic as a Christmas card, as I will be doing this year. So it is no surprise that US Republican politician Michele Fiore did likewise.

What has come as bit of a surprise is the nature of the family pic, proving again the saying that Americans have gun ownership in their DNA.

Michele’s pic shows the various family members, including a grandchild, all holding firearms. To assist recipients of the cards, there is a list provided of each weapon held.

Her comment: “It’s up to Americans to protect America. We’re just your ordinary American family.”


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