Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Quote for the Day

The excrement has hit the fan in Victoria with the revelation that a top female defence barrister who acted for major underworld crims was in fact a police informant. Known only as Informer 3838, she became a grass, a fizgig, a stoolie, an informer in 2004 during the Melbourne gangland wars, encouraging her clients to reveal all, which she then passed to the police. She provided over 5,000 information reports. Her breach of client confidentiality has now put the convictions at risk and it may let those crims walk. The whole thing came to light when the High Court refused further suppression orders. 

So why is this in the Quote for the Day section. 

Because of the following item from a news report: 

Informer 3838 is believed to have accepted some form of police protection, but High Court documents reveal she distrusts police.

“Thus far, (she) has declined (witness protection), taking the view that Victoria Police cannot be trusted to maintain confidentiality . . .”

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