Monday, July 12, 2010


Yesterday I posted a 1938 photo of Parramatta Road at Five Dock.  In the forefront of the photograph was a sign bearing the word "Plume", causing Byter Steve to send me an email asking what it represented.

Plume was a brand of petrol which played a significant role in Australia's development. 

In 1895 the Vacuum Oil Company established in Australia, 30 years after setting up operations in the US.  This was the first oil company with operations based in Australia, rather than selling oil products in in Australia by Australian agents for American companies. The company  introduced its Plume brand of petrol in 1916.

In  the US the Vacuum Oil Company eventually became Mobilgas and then Mobil.  In Australia the  Flying Red Horse logo was introduced for Plume in 1939, with the name being changed to Mobilgas in 1954.

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