Thursday, March 12, 2015


Who would have thought that a passport could be a fun document that you might pull out at a rave to show friends? 

In July 2013, Canada began using a new form of passport – electronic passport, or e passport – that was still a physical passport in the traditional sense but which also incorporated electronic features to make it harder to forge. One such feature is the inclusion of a biometric chip.

The rest of the document features images from Canadian history to tell the story of that country. The images are depicted in soft, muted monochrome so as to enable stamps to still be read.  Look at the same pages under ultra violet light, also known as black light, however and the same image incorporates vibrant colours into those same images:

More passport images, viewed under normal light and then under black light:

Some things don’t change, not even for funky Canadian passports . . . 

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