Monday, March 9, 2015

Quote for the Day

The Press: “What do you think of William Shakespeare?”

Galento: “Shakespeare? I ain’t never hoid of him. He’s not in no ratings. I suppose he’s one of them foreign heavyweights. They’re all lousy. Sure as hell I’ll moider dat bum.”

Tony Galento (1910-1979)

American heavyweight boxer nicknamed "Two Ton" for his reasoning to his manager for being nearly late to one of his fights: "I had two tons of ice to deliver on my way here". 

Galento was one of the most colourful fighters in the history of the sport. He wrestled an octopus, and boxed a kangaroo as publicity stunts for his fights. He also boxed a 550 lb. (250 kg) bear, as a stage attraction. 

Galento was a "no holds barred" brawler, with a wicked left hook, who never let such niceties as the ring rules, or sportsmanship, interfere with his goal to knock out the other fighter. Galento was also known to refrain from showering to encourage body odour in a strategy to distract his opponent.Max Baer commented "He smelled of rotten tuna and a tub of old liquor being sweated out". 

Despite his personality, Galento was a tough brawler who took Joe Louis to 5 rounds, including a knockdown, in a heavyweight title fight. After retiring in 1943 he became a wrestler and then an actor.

Joe Lpuis and Tony Galento pre-fight

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