Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Trivia Tuesday

Gary Kremen (1963 - ) invented online dating and founded the personals site Match.com. Back in 1995 when he launched Match.com, the idea of online dating was yet to catch on. He had everyone he knew – friends, family colleagues, employees, even himself and his girlfriend - create a personal profile and post it on the site. 

This may have generated interest in the concept and the site but Kremen’s girlfriend dumped him . . . for a guy she met on Match.com.
The popular Indian delicacy known as Bombay Duck is actually a fish dish, that being the name of the fish.

Bombay Duck fish

There are various theories as to how the name originated. One explanation is that it was named after the train, the Bombay Daak (daak means “mail” in Hindi) on which the fish was once regularly transported to market. The story goes that the smell was so pungent that transport was confined to the mail train, giving rise to an expression during the British Raj “You smell like the Bombay Daak”, eventually corrupted to Bombay Duck.
And talking of delicacies . . . 

Spam is considered a luxury delicacy in South Korea. Introduced to Korea by the US Army during the Korean War, when food was scarce and meat even scarcer, the appeal of Spam has lasted to the present day. It's now so much a part of South Korean food culture that it's the staple ingredient in one of the country's favourite dishes: budae jigae or Army Stew. There are also lots of restaurants specialising in it. Indeed, gift giving on festive days often consists of gifts of luxury gift packs of Spam. 

In 2009 Claudio Vitale, a 59 year old Italian surgeon was partway though brain surgery for removal of a tumour when he began suffering chest pains. While he agreed to a blood test during the surgery, he refused to leave his patient. The chest pains were subsequently determined to be from an angina attack He underwent an angioplasty half an hour after finishing the surgery.

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