Tuesday, November 3, 2015

News items you may have missed . . .

Caution: risque content.

Cracker sold for $32,000

A cracker that was part of a Titanic survival kit has sold for $32,000. It was saved by newlywed James Fenwick in a Kodak photographic envelope complete with original notation ‘Pilot biscuit from Titanic lifeboat April 1912.’”


“Honey, the Titanic just sank, 1,500 people died and we’re in a lifeboat. What are you doing with that biscuit?” 

“Just something to remember this by, baby.”

Art installation thrown out as rubbish:

Cleaners mistook a modern art work on display at an Italian gallery for rubbish and tossed it all out. 

The artwork was called “Where shall we go dancing tonight?” and was intended to invoke the consumerism, financial speculation, mass media and parties of the 1980s. Staff at the gallery retrieved the stuff thrown out and recreated the work. The artists were not happy.

Personally, my vote is with the cleaners.

Mechanics recreate Renaissance paintings:

Artist Freddy Fabris had a brainwave when he went to a garage where his friend’s car was being fixed: recreate Renaissance Old Masters’ artworks in the workshop using the people and materials there, then photograph the scenes:

God creating Adam

The Last Supper


Vagina dress:

To art of a different kind.

An Aussie mum was quite happy with the dress she purchased from Myer until hubby pointed out that the diamond pattern resembled vaginas.

Comments left on her blog included a reference to Myer’s excellent “customer cervix” and it being one “hell-vulva-dress”.

There were also comparisons drawn with a “penis jacket” worn on-air recently by Channel 10 newsreader Natarsha Belling:

More news next week.

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