Sunday, November 29, 2015


Patricia O’Keefe, 64 pound bodybuilder gives a piggyback ride to a 200 pound man. [1940]

The winners of the Miss Perfect Posture contest at a chiropractors convention. [1956]

Moody Jacobs reveals a massive bruise on Ann Hodges – the only person in history to have been struck by a meteorite. [1954]

Police in New South Wales, Australia turn their motorcycles into chariots. [1936]

A boy and his riding boar. [c. 1930s]

A US Marine poses somewhere in the Pacific Islands. [c. 1941 – 1945]

Children learning to swim in a schoolyard without access to water. [c. 1920s]

The Telefontornet connected 5,000 phone lines in Stockholm. [1890]

By way of comparison, some pics of electrical wiring:

New York, 1880’s

Thailand, today

Baghdad, today

Delhi, India today

Delhi, today

British Soldiers with captured German Goliath tank busters, which drove under tanks and exploded. [c. 1939-1945]

12,500 soldiers, nurses and officers from Camp Gordon form a human eagle. [1918]

Meanwhile 30,000 men from Camp Custer follow suit with this human US Shield.

Four horsemen ride the streets during Amsterdam’s ‘motor-less day’, where cars were prohibited due to the oil crisis. [1973]

After learning that many poverty-stricken women were using sacks to make clothing for their kids, some flower mills began using flowered fabric for their sacks. [1939]

A woman rides an early electric scooter. [1916]

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