Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Zoku Lofts

A few days ago I came across an interesting series of images of a new design concept that is the ultimate in practicality.

A Dutch multi-disciplinary design firm, Concrete, has created a series of apartments that combine work, relaxation, sleep and even exercise space into just 25 square meters (258 sq. feet). Concrete refers to the design as “hybrid living”, the apartments being named Zoku Lofts. The lofts are located in Amsterdam and are intended as long stay apartments which can be booked for one night or for many months, beginning from July 2015. Whereas in traditional apartments at hotels the bed and bedroom dominate, the Zoku Loft has made the living area the main focus, suitable for business work, meetings, dinner dates and entertaining. This is done by incorporating space saving features, including retracting stairs to a loft-style sleeping space, an alcove desk complete with office supplies, a fully-equipped kitchen and ensuite bathroom, and even gymnast rings featured prominently in the middle of the room. Although each apartment is furnished, people are encouraged to bring their own artwork to make the place feel like home. 

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