Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reader Contribution: Tram Pics, from George


As I have previously posted, from 1879 to 1961, Sydney was served by an extensive tram network, one so large that it was the second largest in the Commonwealth after London and one of the largest in the world. 

An email sent to me last week by Byter George harks back to those days and was a fascinating look at a bygone era.  Thanks, George.

George wrote:

Hi Otto,

Thank you for posting the daily Bytes every single morning, they make my public commute much more entertaining.

I believe you like old Sydney photos so I would like to share this with you, maybe your Bytes Daily audience will locate the places where these photos were taken.

Best Regards,


George volunteered the information that the first photo was taken at  Maroubra Junction.  I have added my own comments but if anyone has any other ideas or identifications, I would be pleased to hear them

New South Head Road?

I don't know where this is but safety was obviously not paramount.

Marrickville Road, Dulwich Hill?

That steeple looks like the roof of the Australian Steamship Navigation building in The Rocks.

To La Perouse?

Eddy Avenue at Central, I would say late 1950's (look at the car visible in the arch)

Th Eastern Suburbs?  The cars look c1960

Late 1950's is my guess.   Is that white car on the left an FJ Holden?  The FJ Holdens were manufactured between 1953 and 1957 so it can't be earlier than that.  The car at the left behind the white car looks like a Morris Minor, manufactured between 1948 and 1971 in England.


  1. Second last pic. The R1 I think is heading to Neutral Bay wharf... The only single track in the eastern Suburbs was the cross country line from Bondi Junction to Randwick... Apart of course from a few short sections of "service track"

  2. The pic labelled "That steeple looks like the roof of the Australian Steamship Navigation building in The Rocks" can't be the Rocks as the Harbour Bridge is too far away and the angle not acute enough. The tram's destination board appears to say "Athol Wharf", so it's northside - and given the angle of the bridge, the long wooden wharves in the background and the AWA Tower just visible behind that I'd imagine it's the curve from Blue Street into Miller Street at North Sydney. It's my best guess, anyway!

  3. Thank you, the input is appreciated.

  4. The last pic is Maroubra Bay Rd, (now Maroubra Rd thanks to a narrow minded Randwick Council) and the taxi at the rank on the right is an FC Holden (bonnet mascot shows it is not an FE), made in 1958/9, so the pic is probably 1959. The white car in front of the Morris Minor is a Vauxhall Velox (English Holden equivalent).

  5. The third pic and the second last pic are the same place from different angles. Its Wycombe Road Neutral Bay on the line going from Neutral Bay Junction to Neutral bay Wharf.

  6. Hi..The pic marked New South Head Road? is actually Wycombe Road Neutral Bay. The big house on the left is No 75. I'd love to get a copy of the original photo as I've spent the last 15 years fixing it up!

  7. The second last one is also Wycombe Road Neutral Bay looking West from about the same location