Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Doggies' Meeting

In keeping with presenting wholesome, informative and uplifting items of diverse interest, here are the lyrics of a music hall type song I first heard many years ago. I recall that I was at uni when I heard a bush band play it.

Some points:
  • There are various versions and lyrics, as I have since discovered.
  • I have not been able to locate any YouTube performance of it that is as good as the one I first heard.  There are some YouTube poetry readings of it and some sung versions that I didn’t like.
  • The “knock, knock-knock” consists of a knock, then a short pause, followed by 2 quick knocks” It is usually played by the singer knocking on his instrument, say a guitar, or on the table if sung a cappella.

The Doggies' Meeting

The dogs they held a festival, they came from near and far,
Some came by motorcycle and some by motor car,
Each doggie passed the entrance door, each doggie signed the book,
And each took off his (knock, knock-knock) and hung it on a hook.

One dog was not invited, it sorely raised his ire,
That dirty little yellow dog ran in and shouted “Fire!”
It threw them in confusion and without another look
Each dog just grabbed a (knock, knock-knock) from off the nearest hook.

So that's the reason why you see on walking down the street
Each dog will stop and swap a smell with every dog he meets,
And that's the reason why a dog will leave a good fat bone
To go and smell a (knock, knock-knock) to see if it’s his own.

Bonus item, a dog haiku:

Today I sniffed many dog behinds –
I celebrate
By kissing your face.

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