Thursday, September 12, 2019

Continuing: OPW’s Week – Vile


Byter Brett B, who sends me the lsit of special and bizarre days and holidays for each coming month, sent me a link with the heading “Street Art”: 

The link is to an article on the website Bored Panda, about a street artist who goes by the tag Vile. Here are the text and photographs from that post. 

This Graffiti Artist Makes Walls Appear Transparent Using Nothing But Spray Paint 

Andželika Jasevičiūtė 
BoredPanda staff 

Street artists have a knack for disrupting the environment and catching passersby attention. Many artists have a way to make their art interact with the surroundings and send a message that no one can ignore - as their canvas has no limits. Each great graffiti artist has their own style and something that makes them stand out from the rest. What makes this 34-year-old Portuguese artist, Vile, different? It's his raw talent for carving his name into walls using just a spray paint can. 

Vile, whose real name is Rodrigo Miguel Sepúlveda Nunes lives in Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal. He started spraypainting graffitis when he was just 14 years old. By studying Cartoon & Animation Films and Drawing and Illustration and polishing his skills in such techniques as watercolor, oil, charcoal, digital drawing and tattooing, Vile gradually became a skilled graffiti and mural painting artist. His undeniable talent has been recognized internationally with brands like OPEL, TMN, Worten, and the Portuguese Red Cross featuring his art. 

Vile's intricate street art that allows us to see through walls hardly allows anyone to walk past it without looking twice. Often portrayed on abandoned buildings, his detailed art pieces expose the mysterious interior that is hidden from our eyes.

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