Monday, September 2, 2019

When God Shows Off, Part 2

Continuing the post of beauty, colour and the unusual in nature . . . 

This is not one of the photographs that formed part of the series sent to me  by Leo and Vince.  Instead it is the first flowering tulip grown by son Thomas and wife Jess, who have become avid gardeners.  Thomas showed it to me at trivia and I felt that it was another example of God showing off.  I have not seen a tulip that colour before.

By the way:
I have mentioned Thomas and Jess' beautiful dog, a German Shephered named Hitch(after Christopher Hitchens).  Thomas was doing the washing up at the sink, looked out of the window and saw Hitch sitting outside watching him, obviously wanting to play.  This is how Hitch demanded play time . . . 

That's one of Thomas's slippers.

God showing off . . .

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