Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Paper Art

I was going to leave OPW today but Graham E sent me an email that I will share:

Hi Mr O,

Here is a link to a husband and wife who produce amazing paper sculptures.

Patty and Allen Eckman share a passion for art and design. Since 1988, the duo have perfected the process of cast paper sculpture, in which they create intricate three-dimensional casts. Based in South Dakota, Patty and Allen say they find inspiration for their art in the landscape, the wildlife, and the history of their surroundings. In particular, many of their sculptures feature Native American culture, an interest that stems from Allen’s Cherokee ancestry.

Thanks Graham

Some more notes about the Eckmans and some more pics of their paper pieces . . .

Cast-paper sculpture is not the same as papier-mâché.  Although artists have worked with the basic medium since the 1950s, the Eckmans invented and trademarked their own process—the Eckman Method—in which they mix acid-free paper pulp, then sculpt and detail each piece. The finished product is stark white. “I really love white for fine art,” Allen says. “I think light and shadow really articulate the form and texture and detail in our sculpture and really show it off.” 


Some other examples of amazing paper art (I have added one of my one, see if you can work out which one) . . .

Cutouts from black paper by Joe Bagley

Okay, did you work it out?  For those still puzzled, it is the cat face, third from the bottom.

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