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Cat Ladders from Switzerland

I am not a cat person. Indeed some of the funniest cartoons (I mistyped that last word as “catoons” – if that ever becomes a recognised word, I am claiming it) I have posted about cats have come from this book: 

Not so, however, the good citizens of Bern, Switzerland, where there are numerous cat ladders, devices to facilitate cat movements to higher floors of buildings. According to author Brigitte Shuster in her new work “Swiss Cat Ladders”: “Outdoor cat ladders are a European phenomenon. In Germany and Austria, for example, there are also cat ladders, but not in the quantity as they are here in Bern. In North America, cat ladders are an exception, you will find them only sporadically, as well as cats are seen only sporadically outside.” 

Source: Colossal 

Photographs from India 

Remember this 1984 National Geographic photograph, commonly known as “Afghan Girl. which became an iconic image sometimes described as "the First World's Third World Mona Lisa". . . 

I recently viewed some images which put me in mind of Afghan Girl. 

UK-based Polish photographer Magdalena Bagrianow travelled India with camera in hand and ended up with a stack of beautiful portraits. A selection appears below. 

India's population growth has been steadily decreasing since the beginning of the 1990s. Tthe country still ranks as the second most inhabited, with a population of 1,3 billion people equating about 17.5% of the total world population. 

Pics . . . 

Portrait of a beautiful Kalbelia gypsy named Suman, taken at Pushkar fair grounds 

Portrait of a Sadhu, Hindu Holy man, taken in the streets of Pushkar 

Portrait of a cute gypsy boy, taken at the Pushkar fair grounds 

Beautiful Kalbelia girl with her baby sister. Portrait taken in the outskirts of Pushkar 

Beautiful Suman from Kalbelia caste, portrait taken at the annual fair in Pushkar 

Portrait of an old Rajasthani woman, taken in the streets of Pushkar 

Papu and Mamtu, mother and daughter from the Bhopa caste, both considered to be one of the most beautiful women in Rajasthan 

Maya, gypsy girl from Bhopa caste 

Portrait of a beautiful gypsy girl from the Kalbelia caste 

Young gypsy girl from the Kalbelia caste 

Beautiful girl from Kalbelia caste dancing at the Pushkar Fair grounds 

Rajasthani camel trader, taken during annual Pushkar Fair 

Green eyed gypsy named Mamtu from Bhopa caste 

Source: Bored Panda 

I’m bored 

A young pilot from AdelAide, South Australia, was given the task of running in a new engine by flying at a particular power setting for two hours in preparation for the plane to be bought online as an instructional aircraft. 

The pilot, who is understood to be a recently qualified instructor at Flight Training Adelaide, left Parafield Airport in a single propeller Diamond Star plane at 8.53am on Tuesday 26 February 2019, taking a circuitous route north. 

While travelling north the pilot drew some intriguing, somewhat phallic symbols along the coast. 

But on the way back the pilot left his message above the Princes Highway, only visible to those watching live flight tracking programs and websites. 

Flight Training Adelaide director Pine Pienaar said the pilot’s actions were not condoned and that “apparently he got bored”. 

“Young instructors, what can you do?” Mr Pienaar said. 

Pilot’s flight path record as recorded by radar 

By the way: 

This is not the first time that a pilot has drawn shapes and written words using flight paths, even Boeing’s debut of its 787 Dreamliner featured a massive self-portrait over the United States: 

Source: BGR 

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