Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vintage Ads: Cocaine

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The above advertisement dates from 1885 when many strange ingredients, at least to our thinking in 2010, were icluded in pharmaceuticals.

The advertsiement reads:
Instantaneous Cure!
Price 15 Cents.
For sale by all Druggists.
(Registered March 1885.)
Cocaine is the new anaesthetic now used so extensively thoughout Europe and this
country by Physicians, Surgeons and Dentists.
This preparation of Toothache Drops contains Cocaine, and its wonderful properties
are fully demonstrated by the many recommendations it is daily receiving.
Take no other except Cocaine Toothache Drops.
For sale by all Druggists.
Prepared by the Lloyd Manufacturing Co., 219 Hudson Ave., Albany, N.Y.

It is not that unusual to find cocaine used as a local anaesthetic in  medicines and pharmaceuticals when you consider that it was also used in a soft drink, Coca Cola, between its invention in 1886 until 1903.  Needless to say, attitudes to the white powder were different then.  When I was a kid you rubbed cloves on your gum when you had a toothache.


  1. We can just imagine how people were before, using this to treat their toothaches. Now, we gotta give it to novocaine and other safer means to alleviate the pain. Say, do you have moreads of these "vintage strange products?"

  2. Will put some up next week. Regards.