Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Art Copies, Part 1


Firstly, my apologies for the lack of a Bytes yesterday - computer glitches took me off the air.

There is a website that appears to be in Russian that is dedicated to showing photographs of people who seek to recreate classical works of art. The site posts a photograph of the original work of art with the recreation alongside it. Some of them are pretty crappy but others are magnificent, as though the artist had painted from that model or that photograph. The site is at:

Here is an example of a less successful one:

Some successful ones:

Recently website Bored Panda featured 50 selections from the Russian site. The recreations will, in many cases, leave you quite impressed. The Bored Panda site for this is at:

Following are the Bored Panda selections and some of the readers' comments . . .

I love how close to the original colour scheme she stuck!

Shite! They even look alike!

This looks hugely photoshopped

The original is a lot worse than the reproduction. What is up with those fingers?

The attention to detail is really great with this one!

The light is stunning, beautiful recreation

The one on the right could pass for a painting. So close.

Gorgeously haunting

Really beautiful.

Amazing. I thought the photo with the real woman was a painting, too.

Caught the mood also.

Didn't quite get the nose right, otherwise A+

Thank goodness for that tho right?! :) the worlds a better place with that little button nose in it!

The man in the picture is the Count of Urbino. He lost an eye in battle and had a surgeon cut off a piece of his nose so he could have peripheral vision with just one eye... No one can get that nose!

And one is wearing clothes ............ and a lot older .

(Am I correct that the baby has simply had a red ice cream container put on his head with the lid on top of that? - Otto)

This is an amazing recreation and the lady as Judith is really gorgeous!

I think this is Salome, not Judith.

Salome, not Judith. Salome invariably depicted with a head on a platter; Judith usually shown in the act of decapitating Holofernes.

I love it!!!

Right down to the necklace.

That side-eye (in both the original and the new one) - "Who, me?"

"I'll just.. put this with the potatoes."

Like it

Beautiful angel

I didn't think cats like the one in the painting existed and they just had never seen a cat when they painted it, but I guess I was wrong

That painting looks like the physical form of the word “nyoop”. “I must nyoop my stretchy kitty body!!”

Except for the tail, purr-fect.

Wow - that hair

Ok... About that Snake... care to move a little further honey!

The hair is even better in real life.

Eve...? Is that you?

Kiss on the left and "get a room!" on the right

Will a litter box do?

And this is how my favourite painting takes a funny turn

That red one pretending like she doesn’t want it.

This is really well done!

Awww!! Love this one!

Can someone tell me who is the painter? I love the painting

Egon Schiele

Is this the same person?

More to come.

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