Monday, January 21, 2019

Art copies, Part 2


Part 2 of selected photos from a website where people post pics of recreated classical art works.  These pics and some of the reader comments are from a selection on Bored Panda at:

Some reader comments:

What a similarity. I like it! 

I think the left picture she needs to look just slightly more surprised, then it would be freakishly accurate. 

Twins eons apart! 

Eyes make the difference! Feel of longing vs tired subtle sorrow! 

Oh, wow 

She’s beautiful. 

I like this, even though it's not as literal a copy as some of the others - it's good in its own right. 

Does anyone else see a skull image on the right? Other than that, adorable pic! 

Aw, so sweet! 

Wish my cat would stay still enough to take pics like this 

Cat got it better :) 

Cute, but inaccurate! Ha ha love this

This I like 

Bath time just got serious. 

I love that statue - where is the original at? 

    I think it's Piazza della Signoria. =) 

        I actually read that as PIZZA Della Signoria. Must be hungry. 

For a minute I couldn't figure out which one was the painting! 

Me too. Both look like a perfect painting. 

The one on the left is looking at the viewer. The one on the right isn't. Otherwise, very similar. 

I like the original better. 

Brilliant job with the lighting 

Great! I had to look twice to see the original 

No, really. Stick your unwashed finger in my open wound. 

Guy front center: Looks like the same guy! 

Yes Thomas it is really me! 

This seems to be a popular painting to recreate 

Yes, it's cool to see the different interpretations. 

Yes in both paintings they forget to put the hand in front of the chin 

I prefer this one. 

"Show me where I said I give a fuck about what is said." 

This made me laugh out loud and not exaggerating. I LOLed at my desk. Thank you. 


They are both so pretty. 

The scarf is really gorgeous in both pictures! 

Anna Karenina...? 

It doesn't really look like a recreation. Just another cold person. 

Someone gone to a lot of effort to recreate that dress - lovely 

I didn't know that recreating paintings was such a big thing, much less that someone would go to so much effort to make the dress. And, one presumes, more outfits for their studio. Interesting gimmick/theme for the studio, though. 

So precious! 

Kudos for the effort! 

Why God shouldn't be a woman?! She goat appropriate. 

The best one yet

I laughed out loud. 

I think it's Ghengis Khan 

It's definitely his son. The pagoda like face hair reveals it 

Why is the cat inside out? 

Relax guys... that's not a cat!!! 

Hairless breed! 

Sphynx cat is a perfect stand-in for an ermine! They're so cute in their own way. 

What they couldn't find a ferret ? 

The idea is that since ermines are white, they are a symbol of purity. Ironic, because she was the mistress of some cardinal. 

The painting on the left is actually amazing. Who did this? 

    A Basket of Ribbons, 1869 Guillaume Charles Brun 

    Thanks for the info! This painting is breathtaking. A masterpiece of combination of color and light, the expression of the face and body language and the accuracy of the threadbare fabric of the skirt..... 

This recreation misses with that important face lighting. 

The model on the right is about ten years too old. 

Well not everyone can pull off that "homeless child on the streets selling ribbons for sustenance" look perfectly. 

Expressions are off, but very well done. 

Are we seriously censoring this??? 

    My thoughts exactly, are we really that precious these days? 

Must hide the small, drawn tackle! Laughable that it is considered necessary. 

"Psst, the guy has a wiener - don't tell anybody!" 

Both very pretty! 

Those deep eyes, so lovely. 

Interesting pose 

Title: the long chin and the devils claws 

Thinking about how to dodge a party they've planned for the next year. 

The recreated one looks suitable for album art of a musician.

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